Christmas Tree Tagging


Come join the many families that visit Buck Run Evergreen Farms to tag their Christmas tree. Not only do these families get to pick their tree but they are building memories that will last forever.

You are welcome to come to our farm when YOUR schedule allows! The farm will be open to the public during daytime hours for you to tag your tree in October and November.

Come to the barn and you will see our tagging box.  In the box, you will find everything you need to tag your tree. (Map of the farm, tag/ribbon and costing info) Once your tag is on your tree, we will do all the rest. Be sure to tell us what weekend you plan to pick up your tree and we will have it cut and ready.

This time of year is beautiful on the Schuylkill Mountain. Come enjoy it!

As always, if you are unable to tag your tree in advance, we will offer pre-cut trees or “cut your own” in December. Our retail outlet will be open on the weekends after Thanksgiving.